Job opening: Healer.

Salary: Whatever coin is left once your party’s tank buys a new sword and armour.

Hours: Lots.

Job description: Hark, young adventurer. Do you dream of questing through mysterious landscapes, battling mythical beasts, and winning fame and fortune? Well, those roles in the Adventurer’s Guild are all filled, I’m afraid. We do have a very special opening, however – join a party of four stereotypical archetypes, and take your place as the unsung hero of questing: the Healer.

Job requirements: The Adventurer’s Guild is looking for a magician with a flair for patching up combat wounds. The ideal applicant is handy with a wand and thoughtful with spell upgrades, can loot myriad objects from the corpses of dead beasts, can manage a party’s mood by keeping them alive, and can cure a range of debilitating effects while remaining calm in the midst of real-time battles. Successful candidates must have a thick skin due to the underappreciated nature of the role; being able to give other people thick skin is also desirable.

Job responsibilities: The Healer must be able to work under stress within a team of difficult, mostly inept colleagues. The Adventurer’s Guild’s ideal candidate should be able to put their differences aside so they are free to patch up, cure, buff, and keep teammates (who really don’t deserve it) alive. If your teammates do fall in battle, they could refuse to help in the next fight on account of being dead (or furious). Balancing personal mana reserves with the health of your allies is key to being a semi-respected Healer.

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About Rablogames

Rablo Games is a Belgian game studio founded by Pablo Coma. This one-man studio is the brains behind Healer’s Quest, with Pablo Coma doing everything from game design to graphics, from programming to music, from the good jokes to the bad jokes. Previous works include the Smurfs games, and the OST for the Fallout : New Vegas mod ‘Autumn Leaves’.

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